Back From the Vets

I called the vet as soon as thier office had opened this morning. I had an appointment booked for the afternoon (was almost late as well). My poor girl has a yeast infection in her ear, with a ten day course of action. The good is she loves seeing her doctor and we quickly went over her over all health too. She did piddle though while she was sitting in the room, I think it happened either when he did the swab test or when the cleaner was first but in. 

It’s a vets office but I was still embarrassed ha-ha. She’s never done that before but I imagine her ear canal is very sensitive right now. I am still shocked how in less than seven days it had gotten so bad. It was clean and smelt fine last Sunday before I wiped them out. Oh well I knew this was going to happen at least once in her life time. Plus the dogs have thier dewormers now.

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