Aprons – The Begining

I own one apron and I rather hate it. It is very short and suppose to be a full apron. I do have to say though having a full chest does not make a full apron very comfortable. I prefer wearing a half apron that I can tie just above my natural waist. Or at this time in my life that is a bit higher ha-ha.

I went online and found some free patterns. Seeing as I have a bunch of fabrics I need to use up. I though hey why not? Aprons don’t take four yards or anything. I found one that is quite a bit longer but it’s made with fat quarters, this should work perfect as long as I can match the fabric types. 

Other then that one I have not decided what else I am doing. It is a place to start and that is all that matters. Once I get the materials all figured out I will post on my process. 

If you had been following me before, I posted about sewing some other things but I am not quite there yet. I still have to take the time to figure out nice thread to go with it. But that is another topic. Till then hold on and you with see a beautiful or possibly horrible apron from begining to end!