Hired Help

I have some ladies coming in to clean the house tomorrow and I have super mixed feeling about this. In the past I have never hired someone to come in and clean my house. The reason for this is I am one of those people that needs to have my house in order before people come in or I freak out on the inside. I rented from a rental agency though so I need everything to be done and I just do not have the energy to do it myself.

So what is it that I need to get done tonight so the ladies can actually get done what they need too? Well I need to finish packing (most of it is done) and making sure that I have 100% of everything moved away from the walls. Then I have to vacuum all the floors (I will post some pictures of the dog bunnies that can accumulate in a week). I need to have all the light fixtures done along with the inside of the kitchen cupboards. I am doing maybe a quarter of the cleaning myself since some areas are not really that bad. Plus, the floors will have paw prints all over them after they have  been washed. I do not want to pay someone to do them when I will be required to re-do them anyways.

I have my fingers crossed as I would love to have someone I can call a few times a year to come do my new place. I am great with the regular cleaning but so over the wall washing and getting all the nooks and crannies. I mean a girl has to splurge on herself once in a while right?


I have renewed my domain for another year. It did take me about 15 minutes to decide as I have not been posting again. In the end my goal is to get back in here so I went through with it.

I am moving again in FOUR days! It is so insane. I still feel like I just moved into this place (I have only been here four – five months though). The new place is double the size of my current, two more parking spaces, a real backyard, and the best part it really is not costing me anymore. I mean some of my bills have gone up but hopefully not by a lot. How could I say no? I can actually settle myself in and the dogs have more room to be dogs. The only con is there is carpet but it just means that I need to get it cleaned regularly.

It is going to be a long few days for myself though. I just cannot wait till the final walkthrough is complete and I get my deposits back. I have been very careful here and I really do not want to penalized for it. Any ways I am off to work for the day…. Have Fun!