Goal Update – 3rd Quarter

The year is just about done and I really cannot believe it. I do not think I am quite prepared for the next year to come. Check out my last post though Goal Update – 2nd Quarter to see how things have gone in the last three months.

  • Quitting smoking (again).

Still not revealing why.

  • Buying and moving to the small town.

We bought a house at the end of July! Although we were not planning to till closer to the end of the year.

  • Dealing more with clients in the office.

Still pretty much deal with clients on items that I have worked on. It does seem some clients are more comfortable asking me their question(s). I would say it is moving forward.

  • Making sure things stay caught up and the new procedures are followed in the office.

I am sure I had this as a goal last year and it will probably be my goal for next year. Still has not happened yet though.

  • Cutting my debt in 1/5 from the beginning of 2017.

I just about had half of my debt paid off. I had a couple small set backs. Right now it is very important to put money into our savings. So, I am still about half way paid off. I will take this as I do not owe more money since the last update.

  • Keep my time and life organized.

Time and life have gotten a way from me. I do have a bit of a time limit though to get things caught up though.

  • Staying on top of the blog.

I am just not going to bother touching this one again.

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