What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up

While it sometimes feels like ages ago that some of these things had crossed my mind, they are showed even while at a young age I had a very large variety of interests.

Both my parents still make fun of me for this one but one of the first things I wanted to be when I grew up was a dishwasher. Yes, I had high aspirations for myself ha-ha. While I will never do that as a career (unless I had to), I do still love washing dishes. Around the same time I also wanted to be an ice cream maker. I really do not know what I thought it entailed at the time but I am sure I thought it would be fun and it is dairy. That means it had to do with cows.

Some time in grade school and possibly middle school I wanted to be a hairdresser. This possibly is because I have an Aunt that was a stylist. This next one I developed at a young age and have not actually given up on it but I wanted to be an artist. Drawing, painting, sculpting, and kind of everything along those lines.

I was pretty dead set on the artist thing for many years because the next careers I remember wanting were at the end of junior high. I had put serious thought and research into becoming a welder and a mechanic (small engine, automobile, heavy duty, and a bike mechanic). Crane operating crossed my mind for a short period of time since it was a blast to drive to drive those when I was a fair bit younger. I dropped out of school in grade 10; so, there was a bit of a break in career aspirations.

I wanted to be a tattoo artist for quite a while (still a form of artistry) but I hurt my arm when I was working full-time which squished that idea. I did somewhat become an ‘ice cream maker’ though. I was working in ice cream and sandwich shop when I hurt my arm. Some where in all of that mess though I had though about becoming a naturopath until I learnt how much schooling was involved. My passion for it is not strong enough to go through all that.

Things had pretty much teetered off as I was now reaching the age of adulthood (18). I looked at becoming a nail tech; not so much because I wanted to, I did not hate the idea, but because I really limit my choices by not having any schooling. At that point I pretty much quit looking at career aspiration and just was looking for work.

I have a career now and there are many aspirations in this field that I love and am looking forward to making a reality. It does fill many of the needs most of my careers had in common. Which was my own business. Okay, well this is not technically the case right now but that’s a post for another time. I still think about doing other things with my life and I have always had those random thoughts of ‘I should do this’ or ‘I would be great at this’. Those are not serious ideas but more like fantasizing.

Was there anything particularly ‘odd’ that you wanted to be when you grew/grow up?

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Half Day Wasted!

I could have gotten so much done in the last three hours. What I managed to complete is a different story. I am dressed, the dogs have been let out, and Bullet has had his nails cut. I suppose I did eat lunch and make pasta salad but that does not feel like any kind of accomplishment.

There is quite a bit I still want to get done (and yes writing this post was one of them). I veered off from doing my Container Gardening series. I do have the three tomato plants in the house right now and they are flowering right now. I will do an update when I have them situated where I want them to be.

I have decided though I will stick to the once a week post for sure. I made up a random list of topics. The plan is to pick one and write on it; I did choose ones that I could write on and were not series type ideas/topics. There is no guarantee that this will actually work but will not know until I give it a shot.

Fingers crossed that I actually like this process and it makes things a little easier with balancing everything.