Weekend Plans

I forgot to look for the thread for my napkin and placemat set. I know I looked at threads a few weeks ago and had picked up a couple candy coloured ones. I just cannot remember if I actually bought them or not. I do have to go by the store to drop off paperwork (we do their books) and I need to pick up batting for the place mats.

If it turns out that I did not purchase any thread then I have another project that I can do. I have Ford truck fabric (purchased during my last relationship) that I have nothing to do with. I decided that I would sew some PJ pants for my oldest nephew. I am not sure how much fabric I will have left. Might be able to pull off a shirt as well. It is going to be a little difficult as I do not have him here to do basic measurements. My sister is no help in that department either.

I also noticed that there is at least one uncut piece of fleece in my sewing bin. I figure I should do a pair for one of nieces and hope there is something else there for the other niece as well. I have plenty of zippers I am just not  sure about the elastic…I should have looked at this stuff last night.

Hopefully I can get a few things done this weekend!

Finally a Curtain

So it is nothing fancy. It was actually the only washed piece of scrap fabric I had that would fit the window. Quite girly with its pink floral print but when doing the edges I decided to add a little flair. I used an almost olive green thread and a triple stitch straight stitch. Unfortunately I actually think it made it a little ‘cuter’ ha-ha. The picture sucks but here it is anyways.

Curtain for the Door

I buy quite a bit of fabric as scrap from the thrift stores since it is so cheap and there can be decent amounts there. I was extremely disappointed going through them to find so many unwashed. So now I have to go through all these pieces of fabric and wash the ones that need to be. My curtain would have been awesome if I had not run into that problem.

I believe I bought thread for my napkin and placemat set, so I imagine that will be the next thing I complete. I washed all my new pieces of fabric already so they just need to be ironed before getting cut up. I will also do a step by step with those ones. Just a couple things I need to decide on between now and tomorrow.

It Is Official

For the next few weeks I am in the office pretty much by myself. How exciting that I have no choice but to do early mornings ha-ha. Plus payroll is already kicking me down and we are only on the first day. None the less it is a great opportunity to get to know the clients that I may one day be working with one on one.

Besides payroll, I have to run to the post office to send a parcel to beautiful California (from what I hear anyways), and hopefully one of these restaurants in town will make me something more veggie friendly. I was just to tired this morning to make coleslaw dressing.

Thought I would let you guys know that I am still alive and have not forgotten about any of you. I am just trying to adjust my schedule to being out at the office for 8+ hours now everyday. With no option for working at home that is a pretty bug deal to me!