My Poor Galaxy

It is late Thursday (May 26) as I am starting this post. I was checking her ears as I wipe them out on the weekends. Well it looks like she has an infection in one of her ears. We immediately came in to the house and I found the ear wipes. I quickly cleaned the normal looking ear and moved onto her other.

She did not seem to be to interested in having me touch her ear (I can understand that). Once I moved to gently wiping the canal area she moved in towards my hand. I kept wiping with new cloths until they came out nearly clean. She did keep shaking her head after. So, I gave her a gently massage and pinned her ear up. Now she is laying in her regular corner.

Morning can not come fast enough. I will be calling the vets office as soon as they open to see if there is anything I can grab in town. I will not be in the vet’s area until Tuesday when I have my doctors appointment. This also means I cannot bring her with me either. They have always been great at helping me decide whether or not the dogs actually need to come in (sometimes I do overreacted but better to be safe than sorry). This is her first ear problem and I feel so bad. Anytime anything happens to the dogs I feel at a complete loss. I am constantly reassured that everything has been normal and I cannot prevent everything. That’s not how I feel though.

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