Half Day Wasted!

I could have gotten so much done in the last three hours. What I managed to complete is a different story. I am dressed, the dogs have been let out, and Bullet has had his nails cut. I suppose I did eat lunch and make pasta salad but that does not feel like any kind of accomplishment.

There is quite a bit I still want to get done (and yes writing this post was one of them). I veered off from doing my Container Gardening series. I do have the three tomato plants in the house right now and they are flowering right now. I will do an update when I have them situated where I want them to be.

I have decided though I will stick to the once a week post for sure. I made up a random list of topics. The plan is to pick one and write on it; I did choose ones that I could write on and were not series type ideas/topics. There is no guarantee that this will actually work but will not know until I give it a shot.

Fingers crossed that I actually like this process and it makes things a little easier with balancing everything.

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