My First Time Container Gardening – Week Eight

I missed last week again but for a good reason this time. I went camping! I did not really take any pictures except one. I will do a post on that later this week. In the mean time I was trying to catch up on things I would have normally done on the weekend during the week. I just over-whelmed myself. How ever that situation is slowly improving itself.

This week all I have for pictures are the beans. I have a couple tomato plants still alive (I put the plants outside to early. Oops!)….I think they are still alive anyways. The end of this week I will let you know how that exactly went over.

July 22 2016

They look good. A few leaves yellowed but that is because I did forget to water them before I left for a weekend. I also have since lost the smallest plant. It was not anchored into the soil very well and I could not help it out.

July 22 2016

July 22 2016

Lots of flowers still happening but we do have beans! They are not pink yet but they are also no where near being mature either.

These plants have completely surpassed my expectations and seem pretty hardy since they are still alive.

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My First Time Container Gardening – Week Three (Part Two)

I thought I would have a lot more progress this week but I did not. I faced a couple things week. The Tanyas Pink Pods had Spider Mites. I say ‘had’ because rinsing the plants off I have not seen them again. Just in case I did pick up some stuff from the hardware store. Once they are outside they can end up with more than just a few Spider Mites. I also am trying to start hardening them off, I just have to see how the weekend goes with the weather. It has been so up and down that I am nervous they will just die.

I also lost both of the Sugar Baby seedlings. I do not quite know what happened. I think it is to late in the season to try to germinate another plant but I have not quite decided on that one yet. I would not be able to move that plant in the house if they were not ready to harvest but the time it starts to get chilly.

June 16 2016

The Thelma Sanders looks good. I am waiting for the second set of leaves to get a bit bigger before I harden it off. I also have to wait for my other pots to come in. It should work out in my favour.

June 16 2016

Tanyas Pink Pods look perfect (in my opinion). Plus, they seem to be holding up when they can get outside.

June 16 2016

The Ground Cherrries are still small and cute. I definatley have to look into their growing cycle since I am getting paranoid that they will not make it in the growing season. Lesson learned for next year.

I am hoping things start to get a little more exciting in the next week or two.

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