Doga: Starting Yoga with Galaxy

Oh how I wish I got a photo or video clip of when I completed a yoga video with Galaxy existing. It was all cute until both dogs decided they should be weaved in between me and then start playing while I was in the downward dog pose. It did not end well for any of us.

I haven not done yoga in at least two years. This is a new thing for her. The last few months I have not been able to complete a secession as she would push against me or try playing. This time she pretty much just relaxed; laid on her side with her paws under my body. Depending on the pose or switches she would push her head under my body as well. I am not bothered by this. I actually quite enjoy the dogs relaxing beside me. It just makes switching interesting at times. Although, her taking up half the mat is something I could live with out.

Bullet was more interested in hanging out during the relaxing entrance and exit of the secession. It is another topic but Bullet loved when I practiced belly dancing with a coin belt on. That is not safe for him though as I could accidently step on him while he laid there. I am afraid to introduce that one to Galaxy.

Right now I am focusing on routine that is good for people who sit for long periods of time. With tax season coming up very quickly I would like the routine to be slightly easier so I can reap the full benefits of relaxing and de-stressing after a long day of frustrations.

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How I Got Started in my Career

I mention it here and there through out the blog. The thing is I am not really sure what to call myself. I am not an accountant and will not say I am one. I have not done the schooling to be able to claim that label. However I am not just a bookkeeper either. I do a lot of different things. Lets start from the beginning though.

At the beginning I was working as a manager at a financial institution in 2013. I could not handle somethings that the job involved, I felt guilty most of the time. That was when, my mother who constantly said I should go into her field of work, I decided to give bookkeeping a shot. She was ready to leave an account she had and I went in to pitch my services. The advantage I had was I have my mother. She new the account and could help me along the way. I started out slowly with that and then I helped with preparing T1s (personal taxes) that year as well.

I did the bookkeeping thing (for only the one account) for a year and a half I believe. Maybe it was two. We mutually dropped the account and I had to figure out what the hell I was going to do. That was when my relationship was done and I went back to driving 45 minutes for work each way. Till I moved back spring 2014. I helped with T1s again for the second time and helped out with bookkeeping at the office. This continued on for 2015.

During the fall of 2015 I did payroll when my mother and stepfather went on vacation. I was a little more involved when it came to clients. Although still was not sure where things heading for me. When 2016 hit things moved a little faster. I took on more of the office responsibility. I took more of an on charge response to T1s and dealt with clients more often. After tax season I took on payroll completely and have been doing it since. I am not all knowing when it comes to payroll but I definitely have it down pat.

Now entering 2017 I will be taking on even more. Collections, bookkeeping, payroll, T1s, T4s, tax reports, and pretty much everything excluding T2s (business taxes). At this time I have chosen not to proceed with T2s. They are much more time consuming and I see how frustrating they can be. I really do not know what label I should use when people ask what I do. I tend to list off a few things that I do. Currently I use office manager for clients or prospective clients.

Back to the point though. I started in my career because I could not do my current job at the time any more. I decided to give in to my mothers suggestion and give bookkeeping a shot. It all grew and moved forward from there. I love my career and I love being to help people. Understanding the Government can be a hard thing to do; we do not always understand them either. I feel even better when I can help those who really need it, from those that rely on social credits and have the Government holding them back (usually for the most ridiculous reasons) to those who are new Canadians or have trouble grasping the English language. I get to help people and not solely worry about the bottom line. This is what I want to do.

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