Upgrading My Life

I am trying to push myself to use my devices more. I know that sounds weird right!? I want to use them more productively. My ‘Got Done’ list I have moved to OneNote. I have moved or created a variety of things there. I am also taking advantage of the dictating option that is available with the phones keyboard. I have no idea why I did not use this sooner. Actually, I probably got annoyed by the typos. It seems they are not that bad and I am dictating for myself so I have not even gone back to fix them.

I’ve been organizing my make-up and I wanted to make notes of when things were purchased (unless I knew when they were opened and/or swatched) as well as the expiry date. This felt like a breeze and I did everything that went into my vanity. I still need to do the products in the bathroom. The real test will be continuing to use the list. The goal of this is not to use products that have gone bad. It is also to keep myself accountable of what I have in use. This will also be a future post coming soon.

I have purchased an activity tracker (Fitbit Flex 2). Once again it should help me stay accountable. Weight loss would be nice but I think I have a bit of a distorted view on how active I am or my sleeping patterns. Distorted in the sense that some days I over estimate and some days I under estimate. It will just be nice be able to see a pattern if there is one I can fix, to have a better estimate to go off of rather than my brain, and to not to have to try to remember to try and track it all. Now, this is still an estimate though. I was not expecting for something to be super accurate. The ultimate goal for this though is not weight loss but part of loving me. The activity and the sleep both affect my mental and physical being.

Maybe it is not huge for a lot of people out there, we do live in an age of technology. I am from that generation that went from nothing (a little bit of exaggeration there) to everything in a very short amount of time. I semi feel resistance to it but only to an extent. It just does not make sense on why I am not using it all the my advantage in my personal life. I use it for entertainment, for hobby, and for work. I am hoping and think that using the full extent that I am comfortable with, I am either going to finish (get in the habit) something or I can just scrap the idea all together.


Self Care

I recently went to the doctor’s due to a chronic problem I’ve been having. I am talking about at least four years now. My shoulder, neck, and head just give up on me pretty much ha-ha. The first time I truly seen someone about this was me going to the emergency. I was in SO much pain that I could not move my head and cried so long/hard that I could not keep crying. I went in because it scared me that somehow I seriously injured myself. I was told it was a muscle spasm and given the same anti inflammatory I already took in a stronger dose.

We forward two years. I got headaches and shoulder pain. I jump between reasons why it’s happening. I may have seen my primary care once and was told to try and find a way to relax as a first step. But at that two/two and a half year mark, I went to emergency again. Not so much because I wanted too but because Mister insisted on it. Things had gotten so bad. I guess my symptoms resembled a migraine and that is what I was treated for. Now I can say the treatment worked as they gave me painkillers and Gravol (which knocks me out). I was left with my shoulder and (apperantly) migraines being seperate issues. I got some medication but never really felt like it helped. I also became pregnant only a few months later.

Honestly I cannot remember if it continued during the pregnancy. So much was happening and I had so many other aches. It absolutely has been happening since Missy’s birth though. I finally decided that I cannot just hope for the best and I need to see my primary care. The results were not bad but nothing is really going to change.

It is a muscle spasm(s) and what I need is self care (or self love really). It is where I apperantly carry my stress. It is great that I do not need medication but I was kind of hoping for a quicker fix or a bridge to help. My headaches (not migraines) are caused my my shoulder and neck. If I get that under control my headaches will be under control.

The problem I currently face is things are going to be so much more stressful before the become less stressful. That seems to be the way life goes generally. I just do not always feel like I have enough energy to push through it. Change is hard but it is possible. Being able to recognize the signs my subconscious sends me would be fantastic too ha-ha. Self care seems to be what I am always prescribed 🙂