Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me

Keeping up with the ‘get to know me’ style blog posts, I have decided to do some facts about me. However it seems much harder to think of ten things that are somewhat interesting. Let’s give this a shot though.

  1. I love numbers and math. It is not like I am a mathematician but I adore all the rules and how the process works from beginning to end.  I am not going to go into a huge explanation or gush about it.
  2. I am a high school drop out. I have completed my grade/year 10 and a course (or two) of grade/year 11. Not something I say proudly but proof if you work hard enough and are creative you can do what you set your mind to.
  3. I spent half my childhood growing up in a Mennonite colony and went to church with the neighbours for a while.
  4. I am dating someone…. you’re not getting any details other than that though.
  5. I had some foster siblings growing up (my parents fostered for a bit).
  6. I have three tattoos. My lower half sleeve is also a cover up. I do wish I had a picture of the original tattoo though. My first was when I was 13.
  7. I also have had my nipples (both one right after the other) pierced twice. Besides my earlobes when I was little, they were my first. Go big or go home. Right?
  8. I stopped speaking when I was a toddler. Sometimes my speech impediment comes out and makes people feel awkward if they are not aware of it. It also created a social anxiety that slowly improves over the years.
  9. Despite the social anxiety, I really love to talk and be around people. This makes things even more frustrating for me.
  10. I really would  do and have done anything I can to help someone out that needs it. It is what makes this world a good place.

I must admit once I got to number ten I struggled to think of something. I actually struggled through the whole list. It is a good exercise to think of what your qualities are. Especially good qualities as we criticize ourselves the hardest. While this is not what I had done with the list. Trying to think of facts about me is just as hard though.

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What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up

While it sometimes feels like ages ago that some of these things had crossed my mind, they are showed even while at a young age I had a very large variety of interests.

Both my parents still make fun of me for this one but one of the first things I wanted to be when I grew up was a dishwasher. Yes, I had high aspirations for myself ha-ha. While I will never do that as a career (unless I had to), I do still love washing dishes. Around the same time I also wanted to be an ice cream maker. I really do not know what I thought it entailed at the time but I am sure I thought it would be fun and it is dairy. That means it had to do with cows.

Some time in grade school and possibly middle school I wanted to be a hairdresser. This possibly is because I have an Aunt that was a stylist. This next one I developed at a young age and have not actually given up on it but I wanted to be an artist. Drawing, painting, sculpting, and kind of everything along those lines.

I was pretty dead set on the artist thing for many years because the next careers I remember wanting were at the end of junior high. I had put serious thought and research into becoming a welder and a mechanic (small engine, automobile, heavy duty, and a bike mechanic). Crane operating crossed my mind for a short period of time since it was a blast to drive to drive those when I was a fair bit younger. I dropped out of school in grade 10; so, there was a bit of a break in career aspirations.

I wanted to be a tattoo artist for quite a while (still a form of artistry) but I hurt my arm when I was working full-time which squished that idea. I did somewhat become an ‘ice cream maker’ though. I was working in ice cream and sandwich shop when I hurt my arm. Some where in all of that mess though I had though about becoming a naturopath until I learnt how much schooling was involved. My passion for it is not strong enough to go through all that.

Things had pretty much teetered off as I was now reaching the age of adulthood (18). I looked at becoming a nail tech; not so much because I wanted to, I did not hate the idea, but because I really limit my choices by not having any schooling. At that point I pretty much quit looking at career aspiration and just was looking for work.

I have a career now and there are many aspirations in this field that I love and am looking forward to making a reality. It does fill many of the needs most of my careers had in common. Which was my own business. Okay, well this is not technically the case right now but that’s a post for another time. I still think about doing other things with my life and I have always had those random thoughts of ‘I should do this’ or ‘I would be great at this’. Those are not serious ideas but more like fantasizing.

Was there anything particularly ‘odd’ that you wanted to be when you grew/grow up?

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Tax Season is Over; Back to Life

About a week ago here I had started a post saying I would be back after tax season. While it has not officially ended (tax law(s), due date(s), and anything involving taxes is never really just simple) our rush seems to be over. So, while I have some stuff to get done before I am regularly back here I am confident enough to say expect it ha-ha.

Before tax season got going for us (these are not super long hours, FYI, but it is very mentally draining) Effie was moving up here, I had a blog schedule made up for the next four – five months, and I kind of felt like I could make things happen. Starting with the blog schedule I apperantly felt I could start it off during my busy season and that clearly did not work out. I will be looking at creating a new one…once I find the one I previously created.

Now Effie did move up here, for about 5 weeks. I will not be going in to detail with this because there really is no need to. With that being said other things are going on in my personal life though it will be a bit before I decide to post anything on that. There are some ‘concerns’ to say the least. That may not be the right word to use but things have just been up and down in that area.

I have not lost hope on making things happen. I will be making things happen one way or another. I do not think I will be trying the roommate thing again or not anytime soon. I worries when I leave my dogs with other people. While it is not their job to watch them it is also not fair to kennel them when someone else is in the house. Or to have strangers always coming in and out of the house as Galaxy is a guardian breed and will take her job seriously. My pay type has been switched (not my wage, kind of) which means that I will be able to budget things much better and have things paid off (in more time than my original plan though). The catch to that is I have been taking on more things around the office.

I do not really go into work here anymore. I actually think I have not done that for almost a year now. It had nothing to do with breaching confidentiality since I would never disclose any of that kind of information. I would like to bring in budgeting, bookkeeping, and even tax information (for Canada) in the future. I just do not think I am at that point yet. Something that will take much planning to get started.

While this was quite the post, I need to be going and I am hoping to have things back up and running next week. Not sure where I am going to start but I will get it figured out.

It Has Been a While

I felt like I was getting better at posting and than things just seemed not to happen ha-ha. I mean it has not been like things have been interesting or anything.

Effie will be moving here in less than a month, tax season is upon us which means busy times with work, and I am re-learning to draw. Yes, I said that right. My right arm (which is my dominant arm) is in some pretty bad shape. Now I love to draw, colour, and paint but it puts extra stress on it. The options end up being that I continue on and lose the ability to do anything with my right arm very early on. I can quit drawing, writing letters, blogging, anything causing the extra strain but there is no release in that. Or I can do some of this stuff with my left arm.

It is not very much fun at all. I have been practicing with writing with my left hand for about six years now. I still very much write like a toddler or such just in a smaller fashion. I have always been able to colour in a child’s colouring book so I don’t feel like that is much of a feat. Drawing is kind of depressing though. I actually just drew a picture and I mean it could be worse but it is not pretty either. It isn’t even my style to began with.

Any ways my original plan for a series I am slightly moving away from because there are something’s that could become an issue. I started to think I could do my learning to draw as a series instead with bi-weekly or monthly updates. This would depend on how often I take the time (because it is a very slow process) to sit down and do something. Than I will also do updates with Effie and I’s ‘adventures’ on just as what we do together as friends but also living with a friend. This can be very hard and in some cases it can ruin a friendship

There should be plenty to share with you in the coming future and who knows maybe Effie will want to write her own pieces? We will just have to see how things turn out.

Steps to Improvement

Things almost feel like they are falling in to place a little bit better for me. I have created a goal list that I will continue to add to and a monthly plan for the next year coming up. Not only do I need to get myself in a better place but I want to be there for Effie if she ever needs me. Plus, I know where I want to be personally before I start the adoption process well into the future. My these things will be long term and a lot of hard work but it will put me where I want to be in life. 

My first step has been taken as well. I have quit smoking! Being strong willed and keeping everything else in mind I do not expect to have a relapse. I know if I want to put myself back into the black that it absolutely had to go. Since I do not drink (only on occasion) or gamble there was not much to give up. It will keep me from stopping by the corner stores and buying items I normally would never buy as well.

Now my dog food budget is unable to be cut down but I really do not have anything to cut back on in my own food budget either. There is virtually no meat or bread (maybe once a month I’ll buy a loaf of bread), I do not buy sugary foods or pop, and I stay away from ready made meals. These next two weeks I will not be buying anything from the store for myself as to ween down the little tiny food stock I have going on. 

I’ve already cut one of my subscriptions, I have down graded my phone plan, and I am still working on selling stuff that is not need or mom had given to me so I could make the extra cash. At least by July next year my car will be paid off and I can put that money towards debt, savings, or school.