First Garden Series

I am doing a container garden this year. I do the know the basics of plants but I have never done my own garden from seedling to harvest. I have helped with everything else though. The reason I am talking about this is because I have decided that it would a great series for this summer. Plus you get to read and see all of my mistakes ha-ha. This is not going to be a full introductory post mind you.

I do have all of my vegetable plants figured out. All of which are heirloom seeds purchased from two different nurseries. I will talk about those more in the official first post. I also have a few that I still need to order. I may change my mind but I really got myself excited for them. I also need to order my containers but I have a couple weeks for that still.

By the time this goes up I will have grabbed some containers from my mothers but those will be for flowers. I am quite interested to see how things will turn out. Plus I am sure the deck will turn out…probably kind of tacky. Galaxy will enjoy it though, she does love smelling new plants and flowers. Bullet will be less interested until the vegetables are ready to eat.

Galaxy: The Secret Stipper

This happened last week but it is still effecting my life. I had gone out to help my Mom with shopping. I was in the midst of doing some glitter ornaments (which is currently sitting as a draft since this incident). I had put the glitter out of her reach….or I thought I had.

I know the pictures are not the best at capturing glitter but there was 0.5 cups worth of fine glitter all over my house. I mean all over. Plus she wrecked the ornaments before I was able to take the ‘Look At Me’ final picture! 

I love glitter and if I had not been renting and she had not wrecked the ornaments I would be very happy about the mess. It’s slightly better every day but my landlord needs to come over at some point to finish some work on place. I don’t see him being to excited to be covered in glitter ha-ha.