My First Time Container Gardening – Week Three (Part One)

I have decide to split this weeks updates into two posts as it would just be to long if I did not. If you read my review of Edible Antiques than you know I received in some more seeds! I got these plants this week. While there has been no sprouts it is still very exciting

June 14 2016

I was a little more of mess when getting these guys done but I think that is okay. From left to right is as follows below:

June 14 2016

Jaune De St Vincent Tomato

Now my French is not any good but I know that ‘jaune’ means yellow. I cannot remember if I had looked at these ones online but either way I am excited to try them. Yellow tomatoes are pretty rad.

June 14 2016

Black Yum Yum Tomato

The Black Yum Yum’s I definitely looked at and very intrigued to see how they will taste. These are gorgeous when ripe.

June 14 2016

Dutch Brown Winter Lettuce

I chose the Dutch Brown Winter lettuce specifically because it a butterhead lettuce. I have some seriously high hopes for this one.

June 14 2016

Rougette Lettuce

These guys are also a butterhead lettuce and I originally skipped over them because I was firm on the Dutch Brown Winter. I am interested to see how this one turns out too.

Well, those are the new plants currently (hopefully) germinating. I was going to start another set of beans this round but I have not been able to get the other ones outside yet. They are ready to be hardened and than transplanted but we have had some crappy weather. I had them out for one day (and wow did they open up) but yesterday we had a rain storm with some very strong winds. There was no way they could have survived that mess. I will start the process over as soon as the wind dies down. I am crossing my fingers that it happens soon. Part to will be up tomorrow!

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My First Time Container Gardening – Week One

I have an update here! It has been so difficult to wait a full week to do this. I mean that shows how excited I am about the plants ha-ha. I want to note quickly that I had to update the title of the first post since this is technically week one (since a week has passed from the planting date). Let’s see what has happened so far.

May 31 2016

I took this photo on Tuesday (May 31) because I was so excited that plants were coming up. I had to show mom. You can see the Tanya’s Pink Pods are just sprouting like no tomorrow. The front Thelma Sanders squash is starting to poke out of the dirt. You can just barley see it but the front Sugar Baby watermelon is starting to crack the surface. On to the pictures for today though.

Week One
Week One

I have moved my plants into the laundry room (it is kind of muggy out today) since this will closely match the amount of sun they will receive outside. Now the Tanya’s Pink Pods are just flourishing, I should have used a bigger peat pot though. I did think about this after. It’ll still work out though, I will just upgrade the size on the next batch.

Week One
Week One
Week One
Week One

On the left we have the ever so cute plant Sugar Baby watermelon and on the right there is the Thelma Sanders squash plant which seems to be going strong. These guys still have a ways to go before I am ready to transplant them. So far I have not seen any cracking on the other plants. Although I have not lost hope yet. I do believe I start the Ground Cherries wrong though. I will give them another four to five days before giving it a second shot. At this point I am just happy there has been some success.

I have some stuff on their way from Edible Antiques which I am insanely excited about. I also got the okay to do a review but I have been talking about Stacey’s operation enough already that you just need to go check out what she has and order!

I cant wait to see the growth and changes next week. I also cant wait to plant more vegetables.

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First Garden Series

I am doing a container garden this year. I do the know the basics of plants but I have never done my own garden from seedling to harvest. I have helped with everything else though. The reason I am talking about this is because I have decided that it would a great series for this summer. Plus you get to read and see all of my mistakes ha-ha. This is not going to be a full introductory post mind you.

I do have all of my vegetable plants figured out. All of which are heirloom seeds purchased from two different nurseries. I will talk about those more in the official first post. I also have a few that I still need to order. I may change my mind but I really got myself excited for them. I also need to order my containers but I have a couple weeks for that still.

By the time this goes up I will have grabbed some containers from my mothers but those will be for flowers. I am quite interested to see how things will turn out. Plus I am sure the deck will turn out…probably kind of tacky. Galaxy will enjoy it though, she does love smelling new plants and flowers. Bullet will be less interested until the vegetables are ready to eat.