Cleaning and Organizing- Master Bathroom

The bathroom does not look the worst from this angle (which is looking directly in). Trust me in the next picture you get to see the real mess. I want to note that I was only organizing when Missy was in the bathroom with me. I would not use cleaners when she is in that close.

Here we have the real picture of the counter. Somethings I had purchased for postpartum and others simply just did not get put away after being taken out. Such as the following:

  • Toothbrush heads need to be put away in the cabinet
  • Toothbrush charger needs to be put under the sink
  • Tucks pads need to be stored away as I did not end up using them
  • Various bottle need to either be put away or put to the side to get rid of

The drawer is just being re-organized. The only thing that will be coming out of here is a personal shaver that died. Why it got put back instead of disposed of I really do not know.

The cabinet is just being re-organized as well. The blue bin is coming out and everything in there will be going in the small toolbox on the counter. It contains first aid supplies and some medications. I will also be disposing of anything that is expired.

Again under the sink just needs to be re-organized.

Over the toilet storage will be re-organized and I need to go through the vitamins. Anything that is expired will need to be disposed of.

First I added items into the tool box. Which was purchased at the Dollar Tree and has a lock spot. I have to find something bigger for other first aid/emergency items though.

In the top left we have face masks, bath products, and samples. The samples I hold on to for guests or for travel. Top right is all nail polish supplies! Bottom left in the silver basket contains extra products, seasonal products (such as sunscreen since its winter), and personal supplies. Bottom right is Q-tips and cotton balls. The tool box ended up being moved after the picture was taken.

From left to right. Silver basket has bath supplies, hair shears, the extra razor blades, and my make up cleaning pad. In the green basket is all the extra shower supplies. Such as body wash, shampoos, face wash, and foot soak. I also have a shampoo/conditioner set and face wash in the white boxes. In the back are hot packs since I do not use them often.

Top to Bottom, left to right. I have soap for my bras and baby shampoo that I use to wash my make up brushes; foot lotions and a dry crème. First aid stuff (Iodine, isopropyl, and Nature’s Aid). Top shelf in the storage as you can see is where the tool box ended up with a few of the extracts. I also always have eyewash and nasal spray. Bottom shelf is mouthwash and floss. Than daily things like face moisturizer, hair products, and deodorant. Our razors and in the clear container are things we use in the shower but not daily.

Those shower supplies would be a body scrub, pumice stone, and shaving crème. The other would be my shampoo and conditioner. I only wash my hair once a week so I do not see the need to keep the shower cluttered with the two extra bottles.

As you can see the drawer does not look to much different. Front basket contains things I use regularly or semi-regularly. Middle contains Band-Aids and the last contains an electric personal shaver. Beside is just random stuff really or items that are to big for baskets. I really do not want to leave anything on the counter (like the larger mirror).

The bathroom is officially clean and organized. This picture was not taken right after I cleaned but rather three days later. Also, being real it took me a week and a half to get even get the bathroom clean. I would get part ways and Missy would need my attention.

The shower area is also clean. Missy had a bath and I had not cleaned up her bath stuff yet. I only keep my regular use stuff in the shower. As far as Missy’s stuff goes, the soap stays in the shower and her tub has a hook so it hangs on the shower rod.

The bathroom has been clutter free for a week now. This makes it easy clean and really makes me happy to not feel disgusted by it anymore. Next up is the master closet!


Coming Soon – Mini Series ‘Cleaning and Organizing’

When we bought the house I wanted to take photos of it empty and things happened so quickly that it was not empty long enough to do that. I do have the relator photos but the previous owners items are also pictured. I of course do not want to post those public. I also wanted before pictures for renovations.

After some thought on what to do; I have decided I am going to do a mini series. I will do the before photos of each room/area before cleaning and re-organizing. The last few months things fell behind and I did not finish getting everything put away anyways. So, we will have a real life, new mom mess.

Also because this is real life each post will be made up of things being done over a course of a however long it takes. I think this will be apparent with pictures but things are getting done. In the end that is all that matters.

Galaxy: The Secret Stipper

This happened last week but it is still effecting my life. I had gone out to help my Mom with shopping. I was in the midst of doing some glitter ornaments (which is currently sitting as a draft since this incident). I had put the glitter out of her reach….or I thought I had.

I know the pictures are not the best at capturing glitter but there was 0.5 cups worth of fine glitter all over my house. I mean all over. Plus she wrecked the ornaments before I was able to take the ‘Look At Me’ final picture! 

I love glitter and if I had not been renting and she had not wrecked the ornaments I would be very happy about the mess. It’s slightly better every day but my landlord needs to come over at some point to finish some work on place. I don’t see him being to excited to be covered in glitter ha-ha. 

Hired Help

I have some ladies coming in to clean the house tomorrow and I have super mixed feeling about this. In the past I have never hired someone to come in and clean my house. The reason for this is I am one of those people that needs to have my house in order before people come in or I freak out on the inside. I rented from a rental agency though so I need everything to be done and I just do not have the energy to do it myself.

So what is it that I need to get done tonight so the ladies can actually get done what they need too? Well I need to finish packing (most of it is done) and making sure that I have 100% of everything moved away from the walls. Then I have to vacuum all the floors (I will post some pictures of the dog bunnies that can accumulate in a week). I need to have all the light fixtures done along with the inside of the kitchen cupboards. I am doing maybe a quarter of the cleaning myself since some areas are not really that bad. Plus, the floors will have paw prints all over them after they have  been washed. I do not want to pay someone to do them when I will be required to re-do them anyways.

I have my fingers crossed as I would love to have someone I can call a few times a year to come do my new place. I am great with the regular cleaning but so over the wall washing and getting all the nooks and crannies. I mean a girl has to splurge on herself once in a while right?