What?! Another Update

As I start typing this post out I am thinking about the million other things I still need to do. Things that are very important to get done because soon I will either not be able to do them or I just will not have the interest to do it.

I have a plan though. Yes, I know, I have plans all the time but I promise this time is different. The reason it is different is there is a part of our life that has not really been made public yet. I will be doing a post about that soon here. It makes it easier just to go about blogging instead of beating around the bush.

I have only fallen behind on one review post. After I have this posted I will just throw up the Septembers Little Life Box. I know we are over that and I did just get in Octobers. It was still a good box none the less.

Shortly after that I will be posting about the quarterly update. Which catches me up on the ‘currently’ regular posts. Maybe than I will get around to everything else I have been putting off…


I have renewed my domain for another year. It did take me about 15 minutes to decide as I have not been posting again. In the end my goal is to get back in here so I went through with it.

I am moving again in FOUR days! It is so insane. I still feel like I just moved into this place (I have only been here four – five months though). The new place is double the size of my current, two more parking spaces, a real backyard, and the best part it really is not costing me anymore. I mean some of my bills have gone up but hopefully not by a lot. How could I say no? I can actually settle myself in and the dogs have more room to be dogs. The only con is there is carpet but it just means that I need to get it cleaned regularly.

It is going to be a long few days for myself though. I just cannot wait till the final walkthrough is complete and I get my deposits back. I have been very careful here and I really do not want to penalized for it. Any ways I am off to work for the day…. Have Fun!

Here We Are

So, my blog is back up and running again now that tax season is over. I have the extra time and energy to back in to it. I did put up a new theme and my heading photo is actually some of my cow collection. Although I do have cows placed all over the house (so much for containing them to one room ha-ha).

I still have to set up my categories but I do think I am going to continue to post during the week. I will keep an eye on when I get the most traffic so that could change. It just depends on my readers (you guys!).

I am keeping this one short and sweet so I can get to writing actual content for you to read. I look forward to sharing the randomness again 🙂


So this blog (along with my life) is getting an overhaul. A few thing have happened that have made me realise that it is just not working. I have deleted all of my previous content and within the next week I will be posting again on here.

I am looking to have me back in my life and with a glimmer of that in sight I know that it is possible. So I am sure I will also be updating the look here and altering what the content will be on her. Plus, it will be much more organized (this is huge problem for me right now and I can no longer let it slide).

Before any one says anything I know this post is not set  up very well and that it is very random/scattered. That is okay as this is only temporary. I shall talk to you all soon.