Back From the Vets

I called the vet as soon as thier office had opened this morning. I had an appointment booked for the afternoon (was almost late as well). My poor girl has a yeast infection in her ear, with a ten day course of action. The good is she loves seeing her doctor and we quickly went over her over all health too. She did piddle though while she was sitting in the room, I think it happened either when he did the swab test or when the cleaner was first but in. 

It’s a vets office but I was still embarrassed ha-ha. She’s never done that before but I imagine her ear canal is very sensitive right now. I am still shocked how in less than seven days it had gotten so bad. It was clean and smelt fine last Sunday before I wiped them out. Oh well I knew this was going to happen at least once in her life time. Plus the dogs have thier dewormers now.

My Poor Galaxy

It is late Thursday (May 26) as I am starting this post. I was checking her ears as I wipe them out on the weekends. Well it looks like she has an infection in one of her ears. We immediately came in to the house and I found the ear wipes. I quickly cleaned the normal looking ear and moved onto her other.

She did not seem to be to interested in having me touch her ear (I can understand that). Once I moved to gently wiping the canal area she moved in towards my hand. I kept wiping with new cloths until they came out nearly clean. She did keep shaking her head after. So, I gave her a gently massage and pinned her ear up. Now she is laying in her regular corner.

Morning can not come fast enough. I will be calling the vets office as soon as they open to see if there is anything I can grab in town. I will not be in the vet’s area until Tuesday when I have my doctors appointment. This also means I cannot bring her with me either. They have always been great at helping me decide whether or not the dogs actually need to come in (sometimes I do overreacted but better to be safe than sorry). This is her first ear problem and I feel so bad. Anytime anything happens to the dogs I feel at a complete loss. I am constantly reassured that everything has been normal and I cannot prevent everything. That’s not how I feel though.

Tax Season is Over; Back to Life

About a week ago here I had started a post saying I would be back after tax season. While it has not officially ended (tax law(s), due date(s), and anything involving taxes is never really just simple) our rush seems to be over. So, while I have some stuff to get done before I am regularly back here I am confident enough to say expect it ha-ha.

Before tax season got going for us (these are not super long hours, FYI, but it is very mentally draining) Effie was moving up here, I had a blog schedule made up for the next four – five months, and I kind of felt like I could make things happen. Starting with the blog schedule I apperantly felt I could start it off during my busy season and that clearly did not work out. I will be looking at creating a new one…once I find the one I previously created.

Now Effie did move up here, for about 5 weeks. I will not be going in to detail with this because there really is no need to. With that being said other things are going on in my personal life though it will be a bit before I decide to post anything on that. There are some ‘concerns’ to say the least. That may not be the right word to use but things have just been up and down in that area.

I have not lost hope on making things happen. I will be making things happen one way or another. I do not think I will be trying the roommate thing again or not anytime soon. I worries when I leave my dogs with other people. While it is not their job to watch them it is also not fair to kennel them when someone else is in the house. Or to have strangers always coming in and out of the house as Galaxy is a guardian breed and will take her job seriously. My pay type has been switched (not my wage, kind of) which means that I will be able to budget things much better and have things paid off (in more time than my original plan though). The catch to that is I have been taking on more things around the office.

I do not really go into work here anymore. I actually think I have not done that for almost a year now. It had nothing to do with breaching confidentiality since I would never disclose any of that kind of information. I would like to bring in budgeting, bookkeeping, and even tax information (for Canada) in the future. I just do not think I am at that point yet. Something that will take much planning to get started.

While this was quite the post, I need to be going and I am hoping to have things back up and running next week. Not sure where I am going to start but I will get it figured out.