Oatbox – June 2018

This is my second month of Oatbox (and the review is a month late I know). I loved the idea of this box. It makes breakfast that much more fun and with two new flavours every month there is something to look forward too. It is a flat rate of $20.00CAD per month ($10.00CAD per bag).

These are made with clean ingredients right here in Canada! The company is based out of Montreal, Quebec. Offering unique flavours/pairings.

I had ordered their jar with the first box and it unfortunately broke while in transit. The company was very quick to rectify and sent a new one out with my next box. Huge kudos to them, customer service is a very big deal to me.

Here we have pear and red quinoa flavours. Every month there is two recipe cards included. While this one here does not specify to use the pear and red quinoa; it would work perfect in it.

Here we have the almond and mango flavour. The matching recipe is for Coconut Snow Balls. I probably will not use this granola for the it but I will try the recipe out soon.

I will update with pictures and the recipes as I try them out.


First Garden Series

I am doing a container garden this year. I do the know the basics of plants but I have never done my own garden from seedling to harvest. I have helped with everything else though. The reason I am talking about this is because I have decided that it would a great series for this summer. Plus you get to read and see all of my mistakes ha-ha. This is not going to be a full introductory post mind you.

I do have all of my vegetable plants figured out. All of which are heirloom seeds purchased from two different nurseries. I will talk about those more in the official first post. I also have a few that I still need to order. I may change my mind but I really got myself excited for them. I also need to order my containers but I have a couple weeks for that still.

By the time this goes up I will have grabbed some containers from my mothers but those will be for flowers. I am quite interested to see how things will turn out. Plus I am sure the deck will turn out…probably kind of tacky. Galaxy will enjoy it though, she does love smelling new plants and flowers. Bullet will be less interested until the vegetables are ready to eat.

Weekly Menu: January 24, 2016

This will be the first post of this kind. I did a DIY of a Weekly Menu Planner. I have been using it, although it has a been a long adjustment (I know less than a month and I feel like its been forever). The second week I did not update and the third week I did not really follow it. I had things that seemed to go bad quickly and I went out for dinner/lunch with my Mother the one day. I think I have this figured out though. There are going to be some items that I prepare on Sunday for certain meals. A good example of this would be my dressing for coleslaw. It is a basic cream/vinaigrette so we (our whole family) also use it for all kinds of salads.

Here is my menu for the week. I like how it looks so hopefully I can stay with it. I will let you know at the end of the week anyways!

January 24 2016

Sunday- Butter Chicken, I think this is pretty self explanatory

Monday – Spaghetti Squash, this all depends if the squash is still good or not. I will use a red (tomato) sauce and also add a meatless chicken cutlet. I think its similar to a chicken parmesan (I could be wrong but it might be healthier too). I love it!

Tuesday – Some Like it Hot, this is a name off one of the local restaurants menus and I really don’t know what else to call it ha-ha. Pasta with an alfredo sauce, corn, mushrooms, onion, and shrimp. This is a HOT dish, I use crushed peppers in the alfredo sauce and when I boil the pasta I put in chilli infused oil. You can feel the burn on your lips 😛

Wednesday – Turkey and Coleslaw, for the most part straight forward. I will still have NAAN bread left over so I will use a piece of that. Top it off with coleslaw and the turkey burger. Maybe a couple other ‘burger’ toppings depending on how I feel.

Thursday – Stir Fry, the type will all depend on what I am feeling that day.

Friday – Fried Veggie Sandwich, what ever veggie I need to use up in the fridge will get fried.

Saturday – Left Overs, now if there are no left overs I consider it an open day for what ever I feel like having.

Food: the Good and the Bad

I love to cook food and I love to eat it even more. Food does not seem to be such a fan of me though. My body does not handle breads or meats very well. Now this saves on my food bill like no tomorrow. However I can cook like you’re grandmother (assuming she was a good cook). Not only can I do some serious home style (western and German) meals; my exotic cooking is not terrible either. I miss having people around who can eat this stuff and seeing them truly enjoy it.

The other problem I have is that I am only one person (not a person who eats a whole lot either). So, I get to eat left overs for the next couple days (3 days max). Sometimes it just feels so boring. My other problem is that I still find myself cooking the poor mans way. I do not have to do that anymore, I have not had to get my food from the food bank in six years! I want to get over this hump, I worked hard to be able to cook/eat with a little flair.

DIY: Weekly Menu Planner

This first part is creating a chalk board which you could use for anything not just a menu planner. How ever in the end this is going to be a menu planner for the household.

Supply list for the chalk board portion:

  • Picture frame (size of your choosing)
  • Chalk board paint (got mine at the Dollar Tree)
  • Paint for the frame (acrylic paint from the Dollar Tree)
  • Paint brushes/sponge brushes (both that I use here are from Dollarama)

Optional supplies for chalk board portion:

  • Adhesive substance (I am using Modge Podge)
  • Glitter (from the Dollar Tree)
  • Anything you want to decorate it with really

Supplies for weekly menu portion:

  • Tape for the seperation of days
  • Letter stickers or cutouts for days of the week
  • Adhesive (I am using Modge Podge for extra stick for the letters)

We are going to start off with a picture frame (including glass) which I picked up at Dollarama. I chose the biggest size I could find as I need to fit 7 days on here.


After taking everything part I started to paint to paint the frame. This has been done in many thin coats (time consuming paint thin non-pours surfaces). In the top picture you can see on the righ the frame has three coats done on it and on the bottom the frame has two coats. After I had finished the third coat I let the frame dry for 5 hours. Another two coats then dry time of 4 hours. I did the final two coats and I started the glitter about 2 hours after. So in total there are 7 coats of paint on the frame.

 I proceed with the glass and chalk board paint after putting the frame to the side. I used a foam brush while doing this. Reading the bottle it says to give the first coat 4 hours to dry throughly. I did 2 more coats of paint in opposite directions; allowing 4 hours to dry after each coat. Now I used an extremely cheap foam brush and am not excited about the ridges. If it doesn’t work out or I do this again I will be using a roller.

Now I glittered the flat sides of my frame. I mixed (lots) of a pale yellow glitter with Mod Podge to the consistency I liked. I mixed more than I needed since I wanted to make absolute sure I had enough for an even consistency on the frame. I for saw the colours blending together. Red would have popped hugely since green and red are contrasting. 

*Glue was still drying when I took the photo.


Before the addition of the planner stuff, I have a plain chalk board. It looks pretty good like this. Now onto the final step and finished product.


I made 6 marks splitting up the 7 days of the week (I only did this on one side but you should do it on both). Now I was going to use washi tape or craft tape but I found border stickers I liked much better. After carful placing the stickers I did one small coat of Mod Podge just to make sure I had a seal. I don’t want these to rub off when wiping the board. The letters are stickers as well and I used the same procedure as the seperation lines.

There we have it a weekly menu planner (or a weekly planner of any kind). 

I will update this post if there are any issues I come across when using it in the new year.