2018 Goal Update – 2nd Quarter

Check out my first update here to compare how things are going along.

First and foremost I want to get Missy into swimming lessons. I am not a strong swimmer and this is something she should know how to do. It is a safety thing.

  • She is not old enough for lessons here so I will have to take Missy to the next town over. Before I can do that I need to buy a bathing suit. Something I have not done in over a decade.

I want to get our front and backyard all pretty and cleaned up.

  • I had to give up on the front yard. Something came up and that was the trade off. However most of the backyard will be done. I have the garden redone and the privacy slats ordered. I did however miss trimming the dead stuff from the raspberry bushes.

Setting up the garden and green house.

  • I answered this above. You can see a much more detailed answer here. I am also doing a series on the process of container gardening.

Keeping Missy’s Christmas/Easter Cactus alive. It is her first plant and her Grandma bought it for her.

  • Still successful in this. It really needs a bigger pot though!

As always trying to keep up with the blog.

  • I really wish this was a routine already.

Have my debt paid off (even with taking mat leave I am sure I can do this).

  • Paid off and a future post coming on this.

Seriously getting my life organized. I mean it is now more important than ever to get things to become habit. And good habits that Missy can grow up seeing.

  • This is coming along slowly.

I want to get at least two rooms renovated. Probably the office and Missy’s room. There is nothing big that needs to be done. Pretty much just painting and adding working pieces to the rooms. I am only saying two since I want to focus on outside.

  • This is not started yet but Missy’s room will be started shortly. She needs to be moved into her own room. Both of us wake each other up.

I also need to make sure I focus on me some this year too. My health really depends on this.

  • I have not seen the therapist since I got the all clear. I have had my hair done a second time since my best friends wedding has happened. I am thinking about getting the master bedroom done. It would just make my self care so much smoother. I need to have proper organization set up.

I am still making an honest effort at everything and that is what matters. Time is flying though and I really hope to have a start to everything by the end of September. Fingers crossed!

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