2018 Goal Update – 1st Quarter

I am running a few weeks behind on this one. I did not forget though and that is what is important. I will go through the list one by one and see where things are at.

First and foremost I want to get Missy into swimming lessons. I am not a strong swimmer and this is something she should know how to do. It is a safety thing.

  • Well it still seems to be winter here so no swim lessons yet. Also I am waiting to see if we will have qualified instructors this year before signing her up in the next town over.

I want to get our front and backyard all pretty and cleaned up.

  • See the first part of the above answer ha-ha. Everything is still covered in snow.

Setting up the garden and green house.

  • Still winter.

Keeping Missy’s Christmas/Easter Cactus alive. It is her first plant and her Grandma bought it for her.

  • So far I am succeeding.

As always trying to keep up with the blog.

  • I am going back and forth on this but I could be doing worse.

Have my debt paid off (even with taking mat leave I am sure I can do this).

  • I am going to say my debt is officially paid off. Now there is a small balance but that is from something very recent. At some point this year I will make a post about how exactly I did paid it all off. Also what has and has not worked for myself. I do not think it is anything magically but it took some work to find out exactly what worked for me.

Seriously getting my life organized. I mean it is now more important than ever to get things to become habit. And good habits that Missy can grow up seeing.

  • I have no comment on that right now.

I want to get at least two rooms renovated. Probably the office and Missy’s room. There is nothing big that needs to be done. Pretty much just painting and adding working pieces to the rooms. I am only saying two since I want to focus on outside.

  • It is tax time, I have not even begin to look at doing this.

I also need to make sure I focus on me some this year too. My health really depends on this.

  • I have started this. I seem a therapist a couple times. More so I could make sure my mental health was good and I received the all clear. I did get my hair done but right now that is about it.

As you can see somethings I have not been able to start at all yet. I have been making attempts at other things. As long as I keep attempting eventually it will become habit. I also can try other ways if something really is not suiting me. It is nice having my debt paid off and lets me focus on other things.

I really cannot wait to see what I get done by the end of June!

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