Looking Back on 2016 and Looking Forward to 2017

Following suit of last year, I am doing a goal/objective list of what I would like for 2017. Along with also looking back on 2016. You can find last year’s post here. I first want to start with things that happened in 2016 that were not included on my list.

  • Found an amazing partner and developed a meaningful relationship.
  • So much going on with the office.
  • Big plans made for 2017.
  • First vacation in six years!
  • Tried lots of new foods.
  • Seen my father for the first time in a year and a half.

I know there is more but I just cannot seem to think of anything else. So, I want to look at what was on the list for 2016.

  • Cutting my debt by 1/3 at least

I did an update on this back in October. You can find that post here. Now just like in the update post I have made no progress with my credit card debt. The debt I have been working on is near paid. I have cut my debt by 1/3. This also did not include my car loan which I did pay off last year as well.

  • Effie and Little M moving up here with me

This we are not going to get into and will be the last time it is brought up on the blog.

  • Continued research into adoption

I did lots of research into this. However I am not currently doing more looking into it.

  • Bringing my blog follow back up (as well as keeping current with those I follow)

I really do not know how to gauge this one. I mean I have been reading lots of blogs and all of the ones I follow. I have not been active with commenting or communicating though.

  • Creating and continuing the stability in my life

I have been doing this. Not really able to explain how it is working at this point but it is.

  • Entering the next step of my career (my own clients and taking on payroll for the office)

Yes I have taken on payroll. I must say I am fairly good at it. At least for our province, not sure about labour laws in other provinces though. I would not say I have my own clients since the direction has changed.

I feel like I did well in 2016 and 2017 is going to be full of big things. Here is a list of goals or milestones I would like to meet for 2017.

  • I have to quit smoking again :(. This time it will stick though because of surprise reasons.
  • Moving back to the small town.
  • Than buying a place in said small town.
  • Dealing more with clients in the office.
  • Making sure things stay caught up in the office. Keeping the new procedures in place.
  • Having my debt cut in 1/2 from what it was at the beginning of 2017.
  • Staying on top of the blog.
  • Keeping my time and life organized.

We have a couple plans for 2017 and I do not want to put them on the list as they may not happen. Those are not in our control. The ones that will give me the most trouble will be the last two. I have real hope though and I will pull through on all of it. What does your 2017 year look like?

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