Just in Time for the Holidays

While Galaxy has not been top of the notch. I was having a pretty good streak of luck. Until I slipped. Nothing major happened (which I am very much thankful for) but I have a nice black finger nail just in time for holiday season.

I was walking to the living room in the middle of the night and slipped on some liquid that was on the tile. As I was sitting there in some pain and wondering what the hell happened. I started to freak as I thought one of the dogs peed on the floor. It was not pee to which I am very happy about. I, all of a sudden had this terrible pain in my finger. I got in the bathroom, got the light on, and there is blood running down my hand and arm. To say the least, I bawled my eyes out as I was rinsing my hand off in the interest of getting it clean. Also to see where the bleed was coming from.

Not feeling any better I did decide to wait till morning to see how my finger was doing. I guess just hoping the swelling would be down and it would not be throbbing anymore.

December 12 2016 December 12 2016

This was taken 7.5 hours after. It does not look quite so bad looking at it now. Extremely tender and throbbing though. This is when I decided I had to see a doctor. Unfortunately walk-in was booked up which left the ER. My doctor is in another town and there was a risk of a fracture. I spent about 6 hours in the ER. Thankfully there is nothing more than bleeding but they said I will lose the nail. I am okay with that. Really things could be much worse.

December 12 2016

This one was taken 17 hours later. I was hoping that this was as bad as the nail was going to get.

December 13 2016

I was wrong though over 36 hours later and there is still swelling. My nail is also becoming more black. There clearly is a lot of blood putting pressure against the nail. At this point I just hope my nail is still healthy to grow back.

It sucks that we are going away for Christmas and I get this ugly thing. Maybe I am just getting all that could go wrong out of the way now. There is lots for me to worry about on the trip. We have only spent a day together and to be honest I cannot remember if it was a full day. He works everyday so we get to spend a few hours in the evening and the rest is sleep. Can we handle, all of a sudden, seven days together? 

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