My First Time Container Gardening – Week Nine

I had a couple surprise this week when I went out on Saturday to check on the plants.

July 30 2016

I still have to clean up the leaves but the plant is doing good. Next year I will only be doing two per pot though. I think they need that extra root room.

July 30 2016

July 30 2016

They are starting to mature and very much turning pink! It is a pretty cool process to see. I will be double checking to see how to tell when these guys are mature for picking. I think a few of the will be ready by next weekend.

Now I had mentioned that I had two tomato plants that may or may not make it. They also needed to be separated from the pot they were sharing. To my surprise not only did both of them come alive but there was a surprise third tomato that also came back to life. I have one Black Yum Yum and two Juane De St Vincent.

July 30 2016

So many mistakes that I need to correct for next year. These are the Juane De St Vincent tomatoes. Separating them was quite the experience. I think they will make  it though as I checked on them not to long ago and the looked very well.

July 30 2016

In the white pot is the Black Yum Yum, I decided against name plate stakes since I only have a few plants. These pots are borrowed from my Mother as well. They are self watering. Now the plants will end up coming into the house since I had a lack of time perception. No matter what I am still happy with how things are going and only slightly disappointed on the amount of mistakes I have made, Also all the poor plants I have lost.

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