My First Time Container Gardening – Week Five 

Today it is Canada Day and I am hoping to introduce Galaxy to fireworks finally. 

I know I missed posting last week but it’s here now. I did transplant the of the Tanyas Pink Pods. I must say they are doing excellent.

I do however think in retrospect I probably only should have done two maybe three plants in that planter. I am loving this organic mix I had picked up though. The plants seem to like it too but it holds water like crazy. In my opinion anyways.

The tomatoes and lettuce are doing good. All but one of the tomatoe seedlings are strong.the lettuce keeps following to window though. Turning the tray every day or two it not a big deal. I just do not always remember to do it.

I’m still excited for the plants and even though it’s moving on into the summer. I still have lots of hope for them. Besides I am learning from all my mistakes and do not plan to make the same ones next year.

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