My First Time Container Gardening – Week Three (Part One)

I have decide to split this weeks updates into two posts as it would just be to long if I did not. If you read my review of Edible Antiques than you know I received in some more seeds! I got these plants this week. While there has been no sprouts it is still very exciting

June 14 2016

I was a little more of mess when getting these guys done but I think that is okay. From left to right is as follows below:

June 14 2016

Jaune De St Vincent Tomato

Now my French is not any good but I know that ‘jaune’ means yellow. I cannot remember if I had looked at these ones online but either way I am excited to try them. Yellow tomatoes are pretty rad.

June 14 2016

Black Yum Yum Tomato

The Black Yum Yum’s I definitely looked at and very intrigued to see how they will taste. These are gorgeous when ripe.

June 14 2016

Dutch Brown Winter Lettuce

I chose the Dutch Brown Winter lettuce specifically because it a butterhead lettuce. I have some seriously high hopes for this one.

June 14 2016

Rougette Lettuce

These guys are also a butterhead lettuce and I originally skipped over them because I was firm on the Dutch Brown Winter. I am interested to see how this one turns out too.

Well, those are the new plants currently (hopefully) germinating. I was going to start another set of beans this round but I have not been able to get the other ones outside yet. They are ready to be hardened and than transplanted but we have had some crappy weather. I had them out for one day (and wow did they open up) but yesterday we had a rain storm with some very strong winds. There was no way they could have survived that mess. I will start the process over as soon as the wind dies down. I am crossing my fingers that it happens soon. Part to will be up tomorrow!

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