Food: the Good and the Bad

I love to cook food and I love to eat it even more. Food does not seem to be such a fan of me though. My body does not handle breads or meats very well. Now this saves on my food bill like no tomorrow. However I can cook like you’re grandmother (assuming she was a good cook). Not only can I do some serious home style (western and German) meals; my exotic cooking is not terrible either. I miss having people around who can eat this stuff and seeing them truly enjoy it.

The other problem I have is that I am only one person (not a person who eats a whole lot either). So, I get to eat left overs for the next couple days (3 days max). Sometimes it just feels so boring. My other problem is that I still find myself cooking the poor mans way. I do not have to do that anymore, I have not had to get my food from the food bank in six years! I want to get over this hump, I worked hard to be able to cook/eat with a little flair.

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