Weekly Menu: January 24, 2016

This will be the first post of this kind. I did a DIY of a Weekly Menu Planner. I have been using it, although it has a been a long adjustment (I know less than a month and I feel like its been forever). The second week I did not update and the third week I did not really follow it. I had things that seemed to go bad quickly and I went out for dinner/lunch with my Mother the one day. I think I have this figured out though. There are going to be some items that I prepare on Sunday for certain meals. A good example of this would be my dressing for coleslaw. It is a basic cream/vinaigrette so we (our whole family) also use it for all kinds of salads.

Here is my menu for the week. I like how it looks so hopefully I can stay with it. I will let you know at the end of the week anyways!

January 24 2016

Sunday- Butter Chicken, I think this is pretty self explanatory

Monday – Spaghetti Squash, this all depends if the squash is still good or not. I will use a red (tomato) sauce and also add a meatless chicken cutlet. I think its similar to a chicken parmesan (I could be wrong but it might be healthier too). I love it!

Tuesday – Some Like it Hot, this is a name off one of the local restaurants menus and I really don’t know what else to call it ha-ha. Pasta with an alfredo sauce, corn, mushrooms, onion, and shrimp. This is a HOT dish, I use crushed peppers in the alfredo sauce and when I boil the pasta I put in chilli infused oil. You can feel the burn on your lips 😛

Wednesday – Turkey and Coleslaw, for the most part straight forward. I will still have NAAN bread left over so I will use a piece of that. Top it off with coleslaw and the turkey burger. Maybe a couple other ‘burger’ toppings depending on how I feel.

Thursday – Stir Fry, the type will all depend on what I am feeling that day.

Friday – Fried Veggie Sandwich, what ever veggie I need to use up in the fridge will get fried.

Saturday – Left Overs, now if there are no left overs I consider it an open day for what ever I feel like having.

Food: the Good and the Bad

I love to cook food and I love to eat it even more. Food does not seem to be such a fan of me though. My body does not handle breads or meats very well. Now this saves on my food bill like no tomorrow. However I can cook like you’re grandmother (assuming she was a good cook). Not only can I do some serious home style (western and German) meals; my exotic cooking is not terrible either. I miss having people around who can eat this stuff and seeing them truly enjoy it.

The other problem I have is that I am only one person (not a person who eats a whole lot either). So, I get to eat left overs for the next couple days (3 days max). Sometimes it just feels so boring. My other problem is that I still find myself cooking the poor mans way. I do not have to do that anymore, I have not had to get my food from the food bank in six years! I want to get over this hump, I worked hard to be able to cook/eat with a little flair.