Snail Mail: Falling Behind

I received a few more letters today. The only problem I have is that I have seriously fallen behind on writing my replies. I believe I have six letters awaiting reply. I decided I am not going to read the new letters until I am caught up. It has become over whelming and worse since I do have issues with my arm. It would be quicker to type up the letters and I would feel better (nothing against this I do have a pen pal who types thier letters) but I just enjoy writing so much.

I think I am going to try to get a reply letter done every couple of days to catch myself up. It is really hard on a person when you through a period of procrastination and when you’re ready to get on with life it’s almost impossible to catch up. I’ve got letters piled up, work piled up, cleaning schedule fell apart, and well organization hasn’t been getting much attention either. Let’s hope by the end of January I can get at least get my letter writing caught up.