Galaxy: The Secret Stipper

This happened last week but it is still effecting my life. I had gone out to help my Mom with shopping. I was in the midst of doing some glitter ornaments (which is currently sitting as a draft since this incident). I had put the glitter out of her reach….or I thought I had.

I know the pictures are not the best at capturing glitter but there was 0.5 cups worth of fine glitter all over my house. I mean all over. Plus she wrecked the ornaments before I was able to take the ‘Look At Me’ final picture! 

I love glitter and if I had not been renting and she had not wrecked the ornaments I would be very happy about the mess. It’s slightly better every day but my landlord needs to come over at some point to finish some work on place. I don’t see him being to excited to be covered in glitter ha-ha. 

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