Steps to Improvement

Things almost feel like they are falling in to place a little bit better for me. I have created a goal list that I will continue to add to and a monthly plan for the next year coming up. Not only do I need to get myself in a better place but I want to be there for Effie if she ever needs me. Plus, I know where I want to be personally before I start the adoption process well into the future. My these things will be long term and a lot of hard work but it will put me where I want to be in life. 

My first step has been taken as well. I have quit smoking! Being strong willed and keeping everything else in mind I do not expect to have a relapse. I know if I want to put myself back into the black that it absolutely had to go. Since I do not drink (only on occasion) or gamble there was not much to give up. It will keep me from stopping by the corner stores and buying items I normally would never buy as well.

Now my dog food budget is unable to be cut down but I really do not have anything to cut back on in my own food budget either. There is virtually no meat or bread (maybe once a month I’ll buy a loaf of bread), I do not buy sugary foods or pop, and I stay away from ready made meals. These next two weeks I will not be buying anything from the store for myself as to ween down the little tiny food stock I have going on. 

I’ve already cut one of my subscriptions, I have down graded my phone plan, and I am still working on selling stuff that is not need or mom had given to me so I could make the extra cash. At least by July next year my car will be paid off and I can put that money towards debt, savings, or school. 

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