Finally a Curtain

So it is nothing fancy. It was actually the only washed piece of scrap fabric I had that would fit the window. Quite girly with its pink floral print but when doing the edges I decided to add a little flair. I used an almost olive green thread and a triple stitch straight stitch. Unfortunately I actually think it made it a little ‘cuter’ ha-ha. The picture sucks but here it is anyways.

Curtain for the Door

I buy quite a bit of fabric as scrap from the thrift stores since it is so cheap and there can be decent amounts there. I was extremely disappointed going through them to find so many unwashed. So now I have to go through all these pieces of fabric and wash the ones that need to be. My curtain would have been awesome if I had not run into that problem.

I believe I bought thread for my napkin and placemat set, so I imagine that will be the next thing I complete. I washed all my new pieces of fabric already so they just need to be ironed before getting cut up. I will also do a step by step with those ones. Just a couple things I need to decide on between now and tomorrow.

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