It Is Official

For the next few weeks I am in the office pretty much by myself. How exciting that I have no choice but to do early mornings ha-ha. Plus payroll is already kicking me down and we are only on the first day. None the less it is a great opportunity to get to know the clients that I may one day be working with one on one.

Besides payroll, I have to run to the post office to send a parcel to beautiful California (from what I hear anyways), and hopefully one of these restaurants in town will make me something more veggie friendly. I was just to tired this morning to make coleslaw dressing.

Thought I would let you guys know that I am still alive and have not forgotten about any of you. I am just trying to adjust my schedule to being out at the office for 8+ hours now everyday. With no option for working at home that is a pretty bug deal to me!

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