Unpacking and Organizing

I LOVE my label maker. I know that makes me sound like a nerd or what have you. I love having things organized though and label things helps keep it that way. So much so when other people are in my house. It has gotten quite the work out since I started unpacking boxes and putting things a way.

I have all the boxes labeled kitchen and pantry emptied. I have put away the few boxes of cleaning supplies. I finished the clothes (I got a washer and dryer finally) and ironed which was pretty nice to finally have done. Now The next set that I am working on is my bathroom and bedroom boxes that need to be put away. These boxes are mixed so it is quite the balancing act. I would like to get rid of the card board boxes though. That is why I am doing those ones specifically.

I will be posting organizations photos though. Plenty of things will take time though and I am always looking to improve my process. Well I better get to work, time waits for no one!

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