Got More then One New Look!

After hitting the salon and getting my hair fixed!
After hitting the salon and getting my hair fixed!

Not only did this blog get a new look but so did I!

We were not sure how easy it was going to be to put my hair back to normal and even though we did not get there it turned out quite well. I was in that chair for three and a half hours. I had my regular stylist and another one working on my hair for the stripping and drying before the colour. It was insane but I do love the touch she seems to have on my hair.

Here We Are

So, my blog is back up and running again now that tax season is over. I have the extra time and energy to back in to it. I did put up a new theme and my heading photo is actually some of my cow collection. Although I do have cows placed all over the house (so much for containing them to one room ha-ha).

I still have to set up my categories but I do think I am going to continue to post during the week. I will keep an eye on when I get the most traffic so that could change. It just depends on my readers (you guys!).

I am keeping this one short and sweet so I can get to writing actual content for you to read. I look forward to sharing the randomness again 🙂